Virtual Primary Care

Virtual Primary Care Doctor for Medical House Calls In New York City

Are you looking for a medical provider or have a health concern?

Do you need to see a primary care doctor but cannot take time off from work? 

Is your goal to find affordable, convenient and personalized healthcare in the comfort of your home? 

Then look no further, finding a professional healthcare provider just got easier. Our highly specialized medical providers offer Virtual and Telemedicine Primary care visits in the comfort of your home. Our doctors also offer medical house call where they will come and see you in your home.  

Your time is precious, why would you want to sit around at the doctor's office or worse get stuck in traffice? You can get a  Virtual Primary Care doctor to address your healthcare needs regardless of where you are. 

Virtual Telemedicine is an easy and affordable option to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your medical problems on your time schedule.

Humanitas Healthcare provides Virtual Telemedicine as well as Medical House Call Visits for patients in need of convenient and affordable healthcare in New York City, Manhattan, Riverdale, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. 

No medical insurance required.  Affordable Flat Rate.

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Humanitas Healthcare Proven Approach: Holistic Healthcare

At Humanitas Healthcare we follow a holistic approach to Medicine. We treat each person as a unique individual, we explore your health needs and what matters to you most. We then create a personalized health plan that can address different facets of your life including lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mental wellbeing. 

Why Should You Trust Humanitas Healthcare?

We offer affordable and convenient Virtual Primary Care doctor and Medical House Calls when you need them.

  • Telehealth to improve access, convenience, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness
  • Convenient online scheduling so you can find a time that works best for you.
  • Secure patient portal access for all your health information
  • Easy access to your health care team members
  • Primary Care and Preventive health screening to foster optimum health and wellbeing
  • Chronic care disease management for hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, anxiety, depression and others 
  • Weight Management Program, counseling on lifestyle modification and medical therapies
  • Prescription management and renewals sent directly to your pharmacy
  • Medical House Calls when you need face to face visits

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