How Technology is Revolutionizing Disease Management?

virtual appoinment

Seeking medical advise on a regular basis is crucial to promoting health and preventing chronic diseases. You may follow a healthy lifestyle and find natural ways to promote health, but having the support of a healthcare professional to guide you alone the way can make a significant difference. If accessibility to a medical expert is…

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What are the Health Benefits of Exercise – Humanitas Healthcare

Man Running (1)

These days, there’s no shortage of information about the benefits of exercise, yet physical inactivity is the fastest-growing public health problem in the United States. In fact, nearly half of all U.S. adults do not meet the recommended daily allowance for physical activity and nearly one-third report doing less than 10 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical…

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Health Benefits of Walking

Woman Walking: The Benefits of Walking

It is Springtime, what a great time to get out and start moving…..  We all know that physical activity and exercise have several health benefits, but did you know that brisk walking regularly can be just as beneficial to improve your overall wellbeing. It is true, any form of physical activity can make a real…

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Preventative Healthcare for Adults Ages 40-65

Preventative Healthcare for Adults

Preventive Healthcare for Adults Ages 40 – 65 Important health-screening guidelines to consider when you reach 40 and beyond. The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends age-specific screening measures for adults to ensure optimal health. Below are the following age-specific preventative healthcare screening test you should discuss with your medical provider  1. Screening…

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